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Preparatory stage of design and licensing

Promitheas Energy SA employs fully trained staff with experienced topographers & electrical engineers as well as external partners with excellent specialization in the latest legal and technical frameworks and all design services. From land scouting and securing to the licensing process, Promitheas Energy SA and its specialized associates undertake vertically the entire preparatory stage and any relevant bureaucracy.

Implementation of photovoltaic projects

Within the Region of Central Macedonia, the group of companies Promitheas Energy has undertaken dozens of projects in the wider area, on behalf of the subsidiaries and their investors. With a wide range of solar parks in different technological solutions and power, the group is a pioneer in the design and implementation of RES projects, maintaining excellent quality-price ratio and always at unbeatable construction times.

Photovoltaic station maintenance and upgrade services

A full maintenance plan follows any project the company undertakes. Utilizing exclusive partnerships for each customer and using high end technology and on spot visits, we make sure that each project is monitored on a daily basis. This way we reduce the chances of damages and we eliminate dead production times. At the same time, progress is part of our corporate philosophy therefore equipment upgrade projects are carried out, achieving expansion of the life cycle of each project.


The company Promitheas Energy SA has been a pioneer in the utilization of the new frameworks of Renewable Energy Sources, constructing the first photovoltaic station, 1MW, in early 2012.

The park is located in the Municipality of Oreokastro, in the regional of Thessaloniki. With an average production of 1,500,000 Kwh per year and its most advanced technical specifications, the park represents an example of top construction and operation.

With no less than 8 years of experience in the industry, from 2012 until today, Promitheas Energy Energy SA now undertakes a range of licensing, construction and maintenance services for the Group's newest companies, always in accordance with the new construction standards and the latest technological proposals.

Priority for Promitheas Energy SA is the implementation of RES projects, utilizing the most modern technological solutions, thus contributing to local and national energy development and creating healthy and sustainable business models for its shareholders.


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